MAY 5, 2023

They say rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, and for this couple who tied the knot at Harvest Hollow, it couldn't have been more true. Despite the gloomy weather in the morning, the rain miraculously stopped just in time for the most magical moments of their special day. With an impeccable backdrop of lush greenery, this wedding was nothing short of a fairytale come true.


When the time came, the rain stopped, as if on cue. It was a moment of pure magic when the newlyweds stepped outside for their wedding photos. The weather had transformed the entire venue into a lush paradise, as the raindrops clung to leaves and petals, creating a glistening backdrop. Against this setting, the couple's love shone brightly, and their photographs captured the essence of their beautiful bond.


One of the most awe-inspiring moments of the day was when the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows. Standing before their loved ones, the couple spoke words of love, commitment, and promises that resonated deeply. Their words echoed through the venue, intertwining with the fragrant breeze that carried the scent of blooming flowers. It was a moment that truly encapsulated the beauty of their relationship, perfectly complemented by the meticulously planned surroundings.


From the elegant decor to the sumptuous cuisine, every aspect of this wedding was planned and executed to perfection thanks to the Bride’s great taste and wonderful vendors to execute her vision. The carefully selected flowers and greenery created a natural and romantic ambiance that added to the already breathtaking setting. Each element came together seamlessly, resulting in a wedding day that exceeded all expectations.


As day turned to night, the celebration continued under a starlit sky. The moon peeked through the scattered clouds, casting a soft glow on the couple’s last dance, a truly magical moment! 


This wedding day at Harvest Hollow Venue and Farm will be forever etched in the memories of the couple and their guests. The rain, which initially threatened to disrupt the festivities, turned out to be a benevolent force, showering blessings upon the occasion. From the moment the rain stopped just in time for photos, the exchange of vows amidst a stunning backdrop of greenery and flowers, to the couple's dance under the moonlight, the day was a testament to the power of love and nature's ability to create a truly magical atmosphere. This rainy day wedding proved that love can weather any storm, and when embraced with open hearts, unexpected circumstances can transform into unforgettable moments of beauty and grace. May their love continue to bloom, just like the flowers that graced their wedding day!


VENUE | Harvest Hollow Venue & Farm

PHOTOGRAPHY | Lauren MaKenna Photography

VIDEOGRAPHY | Ace Eaton Multimedia

DECOR & COORDINATION | Ephesian Events

FLORALS | Field and Forage

DJ | Southern Sound DJ

LIVE PAINTER | Ruth Oneya Illustrations

HAIR | Layla Howard

BRIDE'S MAKEUP | Turn the Paige Artistry

BRIDESMAID MAKEUP | Makeup by B Phillips

DRESS | Kathleen's Bridal

CATERING | Bubba's Silver Spoon Catering

CAKE | Batter Up Cake

BARTENDING | All Shook Up Catering